The interaction between consumers and products is the foundation of product understanding and drives business decision-making.

Product Dynamics understands that obtaining consumer reaction to and feedback on a product throughout its lifecycle is most important. However, collecting the data is only one element of the process. Creative study design, using both time tested and innovative research methods that are tailored to your specific needs, is our focus. Combining Product Dynamics’ unique expertise in the technical and sensory disciplines provides a unique perspective on consumer product testing. Our research expertise allows us to go beyond just reporting data, to providing actionable insights, implications, and guidance.

Expertise in quantitative and qualitative consumer product research techniques

  • Central location tests (CLT) across North America
  • In-home usage tests (IHUT)
  • Concept and product alignment testing
  • Online research
  • Guidance tests
  • Focus groups and other qualitative techniques
  • In-the-moment smartphone based research, offered in conjunction with our sister company Over the Shoulder

Engaged, full service partners through all phases of research

  • Custom study design
  • Respondent screening
  • Study administration
  • Statistical analysis and interpretation
  • Reporting

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