Product composition is complex. To succeed in delighting the consumer you must objectively understand how product character is manipulated and interpreted.

Product Dynamics is committed to the principles of sensory science – to measure, analyze and interpret reactions to food and other materials as they are perceived by the senses – and to applying these principles to increase the understanding of products and the consumer’s reaction to them. Product Dynamics’ sensory research experts are experienced in applying the tools needed to decode human response data and translate it into insights to move a project forward.

Sensory Services (click for descriptions)

Descriptive Analysis
Highly trained Product Dynamic panel increases understanding on how one product differs from another product on key sensory attributes.
Discrimination Testing
Discriminating consumers trained to determine if a product is similar or different from another product.
Shelf Life Testing
Assessment of product changes over time and determination of acceptability ranges.
Innovative Sensory and Consumer Research
Expertise in the use of innovative consumer engagement tools to translate consumer needs.
Custom fit Sensory Evaluation Trainings
Sensory training developed for specific needs from best practices to program management.

Sensory Organizational Affiliations

Sensory Research